Friday, April 20, 2018

© Karol Nienartowicz

My mind likes to skip around and touch many things.  It does not do it when I focus on a job, or a creative, or needed bit of work.  But, it likes to wander when I sit to meditate.  Most of the time, I just note the type of thinking that is happening and let it go while at other times, if it seems important, I make a mental note to come back to it when I am not meditating .

I like to practice being loving, open, curious and aware.

I also like having Jesus in my mind and heart.  I like having the holy ones, the buddhas and bodhisattvas, the shamans and medicine people, the prophets and lovers, helping find the way creator intends and providing me a moral and ethical compass.

I have come back to this thought that visited me while I was meditating.  I wonder if we can truly be Christians when we do not love our enemies as ourselves or see Christ in everyone.  I wonder if self-proclaimed Christians who do not love others as ourselves are pretenders making believe and perhaps mocking the creator, redeemer, sustainer of life with our emptiness and self-centeredness.  When we live with hate and blame in our hearts and minds, we do not yet know Christ or the holy ones and may never experience the living mystery in our lifetime and perhaps lose the opportunity to discover our true nature and humanity.

I like the story where the great mystery creates us to evolve and transform and change continuously while maintaining our sense of continuity, integrity and love.  The one where we are creator’s creatures and no one and nothing has prior claim to us and we are love’s body, love’s creation.  The story where all the other spirits and forces who claim power and authority over us are idols and false gods seeking to rule over and oppress us.

In this story, there is no god but God, the great mystery and lover of life, which sets us free from every form of oppression and captivity so we might choose a good and healing way to be present here and now and know we are as love intends.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

© Hint Pixtrang

Fear keeps us from abandoning violence as a tool and behavior.  We want to be able to defend ourselves if we feel threatened.  We want to be able to defend and protect those we love and those for whom we care and the unknown others who are being harmed and hurt, oppressed and exploited. But violence perpetuates violence and the wounds do not begin to heal until the violence ceases.

We know we cannot protect ourselves from feeling pain and suffering.  We cannot prevent the suffering we cause one another with violence.  We know the dominant powers of this man-made world can kill our bodies and damage our minds if they so desire, but they have been unable to control or eliminate our spirits.  We have no defense against their weapons and laws, but the love, wisdom and will to resist creator gives us.

This is not the first time, nor will it be the last time we are called into being to love Creator, creation and ourselves.  The gift of love’s grace is given time and time again to every generation of sentient beings.  Christ lives, Buddha lives, the ancestors live, future generations live, the holy spirit of life lives, in us, between and among us.

Not everyone can see or feel love’s presence within and around us.  Fear and dread, anxiety and depression interfere with the connection between us and the great mystery.  The man-made world changes when we change.  When we change for love the world follows.  

Have no fear, do no evil, and be love in the world as we are in creation.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Love is Sacred

Love is Sacred
When I am with you
we burn together
until there is but fine dust
like cedar's yellow-green pollen

Settling on leaves, rocks
and the chairs outside
until rain returns claiming the dust
forming lives from love's mud

Love has its way with us
knowing just what to do
dancing and intertwining
We moan and weep

Laughing and crying
in joy and sorrow
feeling our way
through Love's beauty

Here we are together
not knowing for how long
making plans, sharing intimacies,
going round and round

While trees keep watch
rooting and growing
flowering and seeding
praying love's prayers

Friday, January 27, 2017

Courage to Rise

What courage does it take to terrorize
what wisdom to believe the lies
what faith to trust the gods of war and greed
what intelligence to follow teachers of hate

A crucified Christ silently indicts
the politics of power, religion and state
actions born from accepted worldly wisdom
denial of the sacred for the god of belief

Truth is written by grief
on faces and bodies broken by violence
by loss of loved ones, of home, of hope

Pull the body from the rubble
take it down from the cross
carry it against the tide
away from the arena
against the crush,
the push of the crowd,
the mob’s rush
to violence and more blood

To the tomb lying open,
waiting deep in the soul
in the beating heart’s distress,
in the emptiness
there to find courage
to rise again in love