Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Love is Judge

Sometimes the Spirit comes to rest in us
the moment is blessed eternally
we are formed inwardly by a great mystery
drawn to love’s beauty.

Here we are created to receive and give,
experience and nurture, love.
We are to heal and regenerate
the universe of which we are part
loving life’s creator with our personal
and collective being and becoming.

A spirit journey in the flesh
where every encounter and experience
is communion with creation
and resolution of the conflict between
duality and what truly matters

Fear and madness, violence and despair
a history of suffering and enthrallment
mindlessness and addiction
may stand in the way
but on this gray day in the yellow green leaves
with the trunks of the trees black beneath them
love finds us, lighting the way out of pits and traps.

In the end as well as now
Love is the measure
by which we are judged
Love is the judge of all we do.

The instructions are clear and spirit sweet:
Love the mystery like no other and
love the other as self
then for us and our descendants

all shall be well

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day 1, 1/1/2014

Gazing at the tree tops through the skylight
on this first day of the new year
Wondering what might happen for better or worse
among the daughters and sons
of mother earth and father sky.

There is a Pope Francis now whose words are loving and true. 
A pope who patterns himself on the Christ he follows. 
This is a significant change and rarity
among those who have name recognition in the world.
It is a healthy sign in a suffering world.

There are signs of transformation when we look for them. 
The holy spirit of life inspiring human hearts and minds 
turning us away from the path of violence and destruction,
setting our feet on the ground of being
inclining  us toward healing, wholeness and peace.

We are in the time
where those who seek to know their true nature
discover what Love intends and live it.

We are in the time when evil does not hide
but parades about as worldly wisdom,
gloating in its power over the community of life. 
Yet even as its power seems complete,
there arises within life’s wounded suffering body
the healing spirit of the holy ones.

Though evil slaughters the innocent and faithful
burying the truth with lies and covering itself with blood and glory
it shall fall and prostrate itself at the feet of Love
and be transformed into what Love intends.

We are at heaven’s gate
streaming into a new creation without borders or boundaries
set free by a love we glimpse in signs and miracles
among the daughters and sons

of mother earth and father sky.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I Serve You, Love

You, who are journey and way of life
I choose to serve you
liberator of spirit
who set us free from bondage
in every form it takes
You, who bring us into being
and into awareness of becoming
You, who give us a healing spirit
to guide us on the journey
You, who give us feelings
so we might know what you intend
You, who vanquish fear and death
for the sake of life’s well being

You, who plant the seed of love
in every cell, creature and creation
that we might know the love
from which we come to be
mirroring its beauty while it flows
filling us then spilling into the world
leaking through its cracks and crevices
into damaged, hardened hearts and minds
transforming and healing what we cannot
I Serve You, Love

Monday, September 30, 2013

“--------“ = A Moment of Silence

“It is not I who live but Christ who lives in me,”
said Paul
or so I’ve heard
It is not I who love but Christ who loves in me
Love the anointed living in me
in all of us
from love to love
love the seed sown
a great mystery uniting beings as one
for the well being of life
mystery creating life from light
self directing at some point
journeying time and space
deepening inwardly
stretching out
to the limits of senses
and beyond
life consciousness
spreading among the parts
every part aware
A primal directive
Love “--------“
with your whole being and becoming
and its corollary
Love other as self
Creation eagerly awaiting
the awakening of “--------“’s children