Wednesday, April 18, 2018

abandoning violence

© Hint Pixtrang

Fear keeps us from abandoning violence as a tool and behavior.  We want to be able to defend ourselves if we feel threatened.  We want to be able to defend and protect those we love and those for whom we care and the unknown others who are being harmed and hurt, oppressed and exploited. But violence perpetuates violence and the wounds do not begin to heal until the violence ceases.

We know we cannot protect ourselves from feeling pain and suffering.  We cannot prevent the suffering we cause one another with violence.  We know the dominant powers of this man-made world can kill our bodies and damage our minds if they so desire, but they have been unable to control or eliminate our spirits.  We have no defense against their weapons and laws, but the love, wisdom and will to resist creator gives us.

This is not the first time, nor will it be the last time we are called into being to love Creator, creation and ourselves.  The gift of love’s grace is given time and time again to every generation of sentient beings.  Christ lives, Buddha lives, the ancestors live, future generations live, the holy spirit of life lives, in us, between and among us.

Not everyone can see or feel love’s presence within and around us.  Fear and dread, anxiety and depression interfere with the connection between us and the great mystery.  The man-made world changes when we change.  When we change for love the world follows.  

Have no fear, do no evil, and be love in the world as we are in creation.

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