Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The truth is

© Xueping Zhang

I assure whoever might be reading or hearing these words, I mean what I say.  The words might not be clear, but their source and intention are.  I speak words the holy spirit provides.  The holy spirit is the spirit of life that comes from creator.

The world we humans make is not like creation though it could be if we opened ourselves to the possibility.  The world, like everything else that has its being in time and space, is changing.  The world is in a state of change where everything we humans think, say and do affects outcomes for ourselves and life on earth.  We are at a stage in the world’s evolution where beliefs matter and manifest.  Beliefs are strongly held personal opinions about the experience and nature of reality.  What’s taking place is colored and interpreted through a lens of beliefs and framework of judgements.  We believe and react based on beliefs.

Beliefs allow us to feel as though we know something, in the presence of a great mystery, we may have not experienced.  Beliefs are reassuring but keep us from knowing the truth in all its naked beauty.  Beliefs come between us and the truth.  The truth remains true regardless of what we believe.  If we are willing, we can live with the truth.  The truth lives and flourishes where everyone can see, setting free the captives of belief’s oppression and violence.

The truth is that love set us free and comes to us whether we are deserving or not.  Love’s origin is pre-human.  Love did not begin with humans.  Love’s story is from the beginning and in the beginning is love.  A choice made by the light and confirmed and affirmed in the flesh of living beings, too numerous to count, who choose to love and become the yes of life everlasting.

This comes to you, dear reader, dear listener, courtesy of a great mystery that nurtures the impossible and improbable love that manifests of its own accord in human consciousness with an invitation to communion with creation and creator as a choice we need consider for all our well being.

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