Friday, April 20, 2018

In this story

© Karol Nienartowicz

My mind likes to skip around and touch many things.  It does not do it when I focus on a job, or a creative, or needed bit of work.  But, it likes to wander when I sit to meditate.  Most of the time, I just note the type of thinking that is happening and let it go while at other times, if it seems important, I make a mental note to come back to it when I am not meditating .

I like to practice being loving, open, curious and aware.

I also like having Jesus in my mind and heart.  I like having the holy ones, the buddhas and bodhisattvas, the shamans and medicine people, the prophets and lovers, helping find the way creator intends and providing me a moral and ethical compass.

I have come back to this thought that visited me while I was meditating.  I wonder if we can truly be Christians when we do not love our enemies as ourselves or see Christ in everyone.  I wonder if self-proclaimed Christians who do not love others as ourselves are pretenders making believe and perhaps mocking the creator, redeemer, sustainer of life with our emptiness and self-centeredness.  When we live with hate and blame in our hearts and minds, we do not yet know Christ or the holy ones and may never experience the living mystery in our lifetime and perhaps lose the opportunity to discover our true nature and humanity.

I like the story where the great mystery creates us to evolve and transform and change continuously while maintaining our sense of continuity, integrity and love.  The one where we are creator’s creatures and no one and nothing has prior claim to us and we are love’s body, love’s creation.  The story where all the other spirits and forces who claim power and authority over us are idols and false gods seeking to rule over and oppress us.

In this story, there is no god but God, the great mystery and lover of life, which sets us free from every form of oppression and captivity so we might choose a good and healing way to be present here and now and know we are as love intends.

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