Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I Serve You, Love

You, who are journey and way of life
I choose to serve you
liberator of spirit
who set us free from bondage
in every form it takes
You, who bring us into being
and into awareness of becoming
You, who give us a healing spirit
to guide us on the journey
You, who give us feelings
so we might know what you intend
You, who vanquish fear and death
for the sake of life’s well being

You, who plant the seed of love
in every cell, creature and creation
that we might know the love
from which we come to be
mirroring its beauty while it flows
filling us then spilling into the world
leaking through its cracks and crevices
into damaged, hardened hearts and minds
transforming and healing what we cannot
I Serve You, Love