Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Along the Seam

Along the seam which runs the length of the two halves of each of us, there is an itch as though from a scar. Small differences between the halves bespeak the asymmetrical development of the portions that comprise the whole. We do not gradually flow from state to state, mood to mood, feeling to feeling. Instead we sometimes stall or balk, leap ahead, fall back, progress and retreat, and once in awhile we are utterly transformed into a beauty and peace we are not always prepared to comprehend. These moments of disproportionate grace, uncalled for and arising out of a type of mystery we only glimpse at the periphery of the senses, give us the hope (or is it courage) to follow the spirit’s leading.

Some follow an intuition which is far more profound that a hunch. We are listening and looking for signs and miracles from the deepest places within our personal universes for what attracts our whole being in subtle and consistent ways. Even long after we have walled ourselves off from one another and our true selves, what calls to us explores the crack and crannies of our walls and shells and masks with the implacability of root and tendril until we have exhausted our ability and desire to shore up the illusions of separateness we have created to protect ourselves from the truth.

When this happens and we choose to finally let go of all the blocks and self created illusions and explanations to which we cling, we discover a love, a compassion suffusing the whole creation. This love guides us to participate and cooperate in its unfolding in us and all the fields of being and consciousness. Space-time is love’s form entering into conscious communion with the mystery from which all life springs. We open ourselves and invite the spirit of wholeness, the holy spirit, the Beloved to resolve every paradox.