Wednesday, April 25, 2018

I resist

© ChingYang Tung
I am a resister. I resist the rich, the powerful, the few who rule over the many.  I resist every imposition by violence or threat of violence.  I resist and question every person and authority which uses violence and threats to impose their will on others.

I have a gift from God, a birthright.  No one rules over me but the great mystery which is love in the world and creation.

I am told I should vote.  It is my responsibility as a citizen.  I should vote to get what I want or need from a rule making elite and system of governance who stole the land from my people and terrorized, killed and enslaved them. I am told that is best for me even if it is merely the lesser of evils.  I am told they set me free.  I am told they are better than me.  They claim superiority.  I vote only for what is good, loving, nurturing, and liberating.

I should learn to live with things as they are in this world, some voices urge.  Some say it is inevitable.  My parents wanted me to fit in and be part of the American dream.  They wanted me to be able to make a living in this world.  They wanted me to be happy and productive. They wanted me to be a good citizen.  They provided the best they could for me.

But the great mystery wanted something altogether different from what the culture and society had planned for me and made me creation’s vessel rather than the world’s.  I am an offering from creation to creator.  We who wake are creation’s conscious offering to the great mystery and exist for the well-being of the whole community of life.

We exist, and we resist all the worldly spirits and forces which dehumanize and degrade life.  We are not alone in this resistance but joined to every soul that chooses to live in love as kind, true and healing in creation.

A child born into a world does not have to remain subject to it and adapt to its values and beliefs but may choose another way.  A child may be able to discover within themselves a deeper connection to a greater mystery than the world, as it is, can conceive.  Every child born, every spirit entering the community of life, is the risen Christ, buddha in the flesh needing a safe place to grow.  Welcome dear ones.

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