Sunday, May 26, 2013

I will not lose you.

I will not lose you.  I will find you and offer myself to you without reservation, Beloved.  My life is your creation.  Within its span you come to me as lover and as another.  I leave us to you.  I leave us to you to transform.

I am human awaking from a violence seeking your mercy for the community of life.  I supported systems and ideas and ways which harm and enslave humanity and life.  I am sorry for what I did in ignorance and arrogance to others and myself.  Forgive me as I forgive others so I may heal journeying the way of becoming while being your love in life.

I am not worthy of the love calling us to be and become as it guides me in the world.  God lives in me. Christ lives in me.  Buddha lives in me.  The past lives in me.  The present lives in me.  The future lives in me.  These are the relations.  I live in them and they live in me, creation without end.

I did not lose you.  Offering self to you, Beloved, I found you.  Life is your creation.  I  come to you as lover and other for you to transform.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Coming Into Being

Coming Into Being

It is not by chance that we come to be
nor by design
but by love which makes hope possible.

Love pouring itself out in hope
that we may awaken and in awakening
know our true nature.

Love, confident of its ability
to transform wreckage into heaven
is the seed’s seed.

We are lovers, fruit of hope
coming to be the Beloved’s intended
chosen and choosing
from among the possibilities
burning with love’s light.

Monday, May 20, 2013

If We Cannot See Good

If we cannot see good within the other
if we cannot see love in the other
we will not find it in ourselves
for in the end, we are one.

We come to journey a way that heals
our relationship to creation, to Creator
or so I hope

clearing the path so those who follow
can see the signs and choose
the way of loving kindness and compassion.

Everything exists as center of the universe
as the Beloved living and witnessing everything.
When we acknowledge this presence
Love guides our opening and transformation.

At peace, we are the longed for healing
and the spirit of life flows through us.

Saturday, May 18, 2013


stumbling, falling into conflict, struggling
forgetting for a moment or a time
impermanence and interdependence
thinking I must be, I must be.

a wind stirred cedar, a squirrel sitting
on a slowly decomposing granite boulder
eating sunflower seeds left by loving hands
beneath the tree’s spreading limbs

a transient vehicle for a transforming journey
this complex body, mind and spirit
a beautiful convenience for love’s expression

ancestors and descendants made one in spirit
a medicine becoming communion
and healing balm for the suffering

a community of being and becoming
flowing freely through earth and air
even as life suffers in silent unity

while the dogwood and cherry flower
the Beloved sets us free, guiding us
on this dream crossed journey
discovering love’s true nature

There is nothing I need be but Love’s.