Thursday, December 23, 2010

December’s Poem

December’s Poem

Love’s light – life giver, if you are,
as some say, merely a human creation
then with these sounding words
I create you anew.

This consciousness grown from earth
Creates you again, attends your birth,
hears you in silence, sees you in emptiness,
questions you.

And your mystery seeing through me
transforms and frees me to live in you
with you in me until I know it is you
who loves this newborn innocence.

Guarionex Delgado
December 2010

Saturday, November 27, 2010

November’s Poem

November’s Poem

Black crow glides between fall red maples on still wings
banks slowly and gracefully coming to a two hop stop.
A clutch of tiny sparrows swoop down and alight as one
in the golden green crown of a tree readying for winter.

Even the evergreens on the hillside carry their share
of tan dead leaves among the green waiting a storm’s
windy rainy fingers to pluck them free to return to their Mother.

Dissolving was. Resolving is. Creating what shall be.
Nothing is forgotten. Another transformation.

Results of a path taken are remembered in life’s flesh.
Denial and avoidance fruitlessly repeat a sad story
unwilling to squeeze through the needle’s eye,
blocking the way with pride, arrogance, certainty.

Life creates a truth awaiting our awakening.
Love calls softly to us, before we are able to choose,
leaves signs and miracles in plain sight.

Despised by the powerful of the world we make
love comes meek and humble with arms wide spread
so much like death and birth.

Yellow green leaves shiver in a breeze whispering mystery’s name.
Crow caws and cu-cuck-cu-cu-cucks the name from her darkness.
Sparrows in their wheeling flight as one sign the name.

November 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sister Water

Beloved sister water, troubled by this time
wet and flowing, deep, dark sea of life
we are made mostly of you. We drink you.
We hold you within the skin of us.
You the sea nourishing life,
the hand dug well in the desert of longing.

We capture you forgetting your sacredness
bottling your mystery in plastic.
We do not recognize the One reflected in you.
You come and go as the living way wills.
Every now and then, every here and there
kindred awaken to the way in you.

We, children of a sea within, know you are
your own and intertwined with life’s Spirit.
Sweet water, salt water, blue, gray, turquoise
moonlight slides across your black shining face
on your dancing body sunlight shatters gleaming.

Yet when light slows to the speed of flesh
becoming finned and flippered, it swims
in your ancient holiness as in time’s womb.
Raining from cloud filled skies you tear along
cutting new channels in earth’s soft breast
and her rock hard bones or slowly meander
sinking into hidden seas and rivers birthing springs.

Sister water teach us, show us the way
to heal the harm we do in ignorance or arrogance.
Spirit of sea and hillside spring, spirit of rain
and morning dew, of wetland and marsh,
spirit of well, fog and unknown deep,
of crashing storm driven waves, falling snow
and calving glaciers, guide us whose tears are yours.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

If we cannot see good

If we cannot see good within the other, if we cannot see the power of love, if we cannot see love in the other, we will not find it in ourselves for in the end, we and the other are one.

We choose to heal our relationship to the creation, to the creator after a time. We all do, or so I hope. We come to journey the way that heals. We come to make the way, to clear it so those who follow can see the signs and choose the way.

Contrary to popular belief, there is only one way to be faithful to the Beloved's love. And that is by being the possibility of compassion in the creation.

The universe is all center. Everything exists as the center of the universe. The Beloved lives in everything and witnesses everything. When we acknowledge God's presence in the other we no longer respond out of the old paradigm. Love and compassion guide us as we open and allow the Spirit of life to flow through us. We are peace. We are the healing for which the creation longs.