Saturday, January 2, 2016

Then Shall We Be Free

Fear has armed us so that we shoot first
And ask questions later, if at all.
We have wandered far from the garden
Of original blessings into a land laid waste
By doing as we please.

Earth is subject to our ravenous desires.
We have forgotten her as parent
To all flesh, blood and bone.
We believe ourselves superior
To the relations with whom we journey.
We take offering nothing in return.

A few feast with their acolytes and minions
While billions struggle to survive
Or are content with distractions and trivial pursuits
Or with the angry blaming words of bigots and despots.
Minds and spirits sicken and wither from loss of love.

Free are those who respond to life
with love, grace and beauty of their own
for they are like the earth herself
regenerating from deep within
healing all that draw near.

Guarionex Delgado