Monday, November 30, 2015

The Work is Ours

The sky is cloudy and the morning cold enough to freeze
though the weather reports predict a warming day.
The news admits 2015 is the hottest year on record.

A flight of chickadees moves through the fall leaves
remaining on the trees across the street.
Out of the unknown, nothing appears demanding attention.

The mistakes and sins are old.  
The wounds fresh and mounting.
The work is ours to do. 
The work is love.

The work is ours

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Love is Judge

Sometimes the Spirit comes to rest in us
the moment is blessed eternally
we are formed inwardly by a great mystery
drawn to love’s beauty.

Here we are created to receive and give,
experience and nurture, love.
We are to heal and regenerate
the universe of which we are part
loving life’s creator with our personal
and collective being and becoming.

A spirit journey in the flesh
where every encounter and experience
is communion with creation
and resolution of the conflict between
duality and what truly matters

Fear and madness, violence and despair
a history of suffering and enthrallment
mindlessness and addiction
may stand in the way
but on this gray day in the yellow green leaves
with the trunks of the trees black beneath them
love finds us, lighting the way out of pits and traps.

In the end as well as now
Love is the measure
by which we are judged
Love is the judge of all we do.

The instructions are clear and spirit sweet:
Love the mystery like no other and
love the other as self
then for us and our descendants

all shall be well