Tuesday, October 30, 2007

To those who inherit the future

These words are written for all the generations that are yet to be. I write to all who will inherit the future which human beings now make. There are no excuses for we who live now and I will make none. We are responsible. We know what we are doing and we do it anyway.

The Great Spirit shall heal the damage we do and evolve a creation and consciousness that fully appreciates and holds holy the presence of the Beloved in the creation. But this confidence does not relieve humanity of its responsibility to the cosmos. Our hearts know this. It is not our humility which destroys life but our arrogance.

Many we entrust with power are unready to serve the God of life or surrender their will to the Great Spirit. Many of us choose to trust and follow those who affirm our egos and self righteousness and lead us where we “think” we want to go. We prefer to be right than to follow the truth. Many of us do not want to believe the prophets, martyrs, saints, holy ones, enlightened ones, signs, miracles or the way. But ultimately, as you know, beloved yet to be, the Great Spirit breaks through into our consciousness and transforms us from what we think we are into what and who we are called to be by the love that creates us.

Somewhere along the way, each of us is awakened from the dream of the world to dwell in the presence of the way, the truth and the light. And even if it is only for a moment, that moment has profound influence on the evolution of all forms and of the whole. There is a voice within which speaks and clears the way in that awakened consciousness. It is a voice of compassion, peace and forgiveness and though the world conspires against it and tries to kill it and deny its existence, it lives.

But you know this already, beloved yet to be. You see what is and travel the way. You choose the truth and bless the community of all living beings. You heal the breach between humans and the living God. You restore Mother Earth to all her fecundity and encourage life in its diversity. You teach the powers of this world the way and cause them to serve life. You allow yourself to be transformed by the Spirit of God. Ho.

Monday, October 29, 2007

The Creator and the world work at cross purposes. Please understand that the world does not mean the Earth for the Earth naturally follows the Creator's way. What I mean by the world is the human made systems which are overlaid on the Earth and it creatures. The world is created by the thoughts and actions of the dominant life form on the planet, Homo Sapiens. The Creator and the world each have their ways, but the true way to the Spirit's source and home is God's way, the Great Spirit's way. The holy ones know it and live it. The world denies and desecrates it. Jesus believes it and becomes it. Buddha lives it. Malcolm found it and is true to it. Black Elk prays it. Many are the holy ones who make the way their own through faith in the Great Spirit of all life.

The world and God work at cross purposes. God frees us to live while the world would enslave us so that it might become god to us. The world would like to capture and hold our attention. In fact, it strives to enthrall us as we accept its beliefs. The world would make us complacent participants in its domination of all forms of life. The world of domination would like to have complete and absolute control over everything and each of us. Manipulation and control as tools of power over the other are hallmarks of the world's way. Individual life is meaningless and worthless to the world for it feeds on death.

All is not lost, though it seems bleak and full of despair for the interdependent web of life at this moment in the human story. The God of life/love has planted the seed of transformation in each being and illuminates the way. Each of us finds the way. Sooner or later the light dawns within each of us, whether we are willing or unwilling, and we recognize it. Though our lives seem like a moment in the life of the whole creation, we come face to face with the Spirit of life in that awakening.

Perhaps this awakening is influence enough to cause us to look here in the present moment for the presence of the Beloved. Now that we know the truth is so near perhaps we shall set aside weapons and defenses and invite the truth to come in and stay with us as long as it will. Perhaps we understand now that each is precious to the whole and begin to mend what is broken and heal the illness that destroys life. Perhaps we come to know who we are individually and collectively and become the ones for which the Earth longs.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Now that we know the way things are, what shall we do to set things right? Now that we can see the problem, what shall we be about? Must we always be vigilant with the gift of clarity? What shall we do in this world of human making? The spell has been broken. There is no god but God. All that would be God’s in this world must through this gate enter. There is no god but God. Everything comes from God but that which would set itself up as authority over the creation has already lost its way. There is no god but God. Can I say it any plainer?

The creation is sacred. What we do to it matters. We come from a generation and time where the prevailing belief is what we do does not matter. This is a time when all things are relative and equally unimportant morally and ethically. It is a time when power, domination and material wealth are the reason for life. It is a time when those who have power use it to their own ends and those without are used to their detriment and ruin. It is a time when self interest and gratification are primary and encouraged and consequences are not considered unless they are personal. It is a time when we each live in a personal world insulated and isolated from the heights and depths of the fullness of the living experience of the creation. We choose ignorance and are happy in it as well as vicious, uncaring, violent and destructive.

Yet the Creator does not permit any of us to remain unconscious to the suffering we create but grows consciousness from matter. God grows the Holy Spirit in us and in all life. As part of the process, God makes us aware of God’s presence in us, in the other and between us. God makes it clear that the way is not a game of domination and one-upmanship but of recognition of God’s presence in self and other, I and thou. We experience God because we can see God in each and in the whole.

Hey, Sugar Pine standing such a long time by where the canal has been dug, we are your relations. You are our sister/brother and we thank you for your courage doing the Creator’s will. We know you choose the way same as we do. We know you take a stand and cannot run when ignorance and misfortune come your way. We ask permission, Beloved, to stand by you and pray for all of us. We are of the same heart, mind and spirit and the Creator shall have the way of which we are a conscious part. Ho.