Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Plucked from Death’s Grasp

It is a miracle we have any consciousness at all.  We were plucked from death’s grasp by a love we could not imagine.  We have many chances to become at peace with what gives us life. 

Whatever your intention, Beloved, I am for it.  I place myself at your mercy.  Love and compassion are all that I have to rely on.  I am not worthy and you come to me, healing me and setting me free to find you in myself and others.  You are in each of us and all of us together whether we are aware or not. 

You do not cease to be because we deny your existence.  All paths on this journey lead to you though they pass through suffering and despair.  I open to the beauty of your presence.  I open to the great mystery in this moment.  I give myself and all of us to this communion that we may all know your love and dwell in it becoming as you intend for us to be.  There is a right relationship for each of us in this phenomenal creation.  This is the beauty way on the journey.  There is truth with every breath.  Here is the holy spirit guiding us in every situation.

None have the right to take a life except to eat and only after giving thanks for nurturing food and its creator.  None have the right to harm the creations.  The great mystery nurtures creation’s creatures, minds and spirits with loving kindness and compassion. 

Finding peace within, I become peace in creation.  I am a human with many streams of consciousness flowing through me, manifesting and re-manifesting in body, mind and spirit.  Many are of us are occupied by roles and beliefs.   Some of us are listening carefully to what each role and belief is expressing.  We are not the voices or the beliefs but the one who hears and responds with healing grace.  We are the ones pointing beyond ourselves to a lover who knows no bounds to love.

We choose the world in which we live.  I choose to live in a world where the elements are relations and humans beings are awakening.  I choose to live in a world where life is sacred and every tree and rain drop is holy.  I live in a world dissolving in rain, nursing on Earth.  A world discovering its connection to life, its true nature.  I live in a world finding its way to peace in the presence of a great mystery.  I live in a world where the holy spirit, the spirit of life touches every spirit.