Monday, January 31, 2011

January's Poem

Mandala, January 2011

The Unformed Eastern Sanctuary

Beloved, we don’t imagine you or create you.
We realize your presence
and long for senses to know you,
and evolving minds transforming
our relationship with you.

Life’s Southern Community

Friend, we don’t pretend to understand.
Still we trust you to guide us on the way
Every need here fulfilled.
The relations are here.
The dreams are here.
Love is here.

The Western Congregation of Ancestors

We answered to love for who we were
As well as whom we chose to be
It was love who called us into being
from a mystery too deep for words to reach
yet it was a wordless yes began life.

Mystery’s Northern Reach

Return is not the right word
for the burst of clarity
and sudden transformation
evolution with its
awakens in your presence